ISO 22000 Vs FSSC 22000 Certification: What your company needs?

Chứng Chỉ HACCPThere Are Lots of food Safety management systems across the planet but just those which exhibit par excellence concerning audit and execution are. Originally, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) using its internationally accepted criteria became the most plausible selection for developing a global food safety management standard. ISO 22000 created its foray and has been received by hundreds of businesses in a brief length of time. ISO 22000 standard applies – directly. The drawback of this standard has been that it did not make it into the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) record that soon became a significant criterion for approval by many vital retailers. Retailer giants like Walmart, Tesco, Metro, etc., have produced GFSI benchmarking compulsory and that is left important food companies without a choice except to have GFSI recognized.

Currently, GFSI list comprises IFS, SQF, BRC and Dutch HACCP. GFSI reviewed the conventional requirements and determined that food manufacturers will need to abide by the needs of a more particular Prerequisite Program, which resulted in the PAS 200 record production. GFSI plot that is benchmarked falls under FSSC 22000. FSSC 22000 certification is a combination of regulations of this PRP record, PAS 220 record and ISO 22000 standard. So obviously any firm that wants to enroll itself beneath FSSC 22000 certification is going to need to execute the requirements of ISO 22000 and the PRP applications in PAS 220. FSSC 22000 standard applies to food makers though other organizations in the food chain will continue to employ ISO 22000 standard. FSSC 22000 is owned by the Foundation for Food Safety certification (FSSC).

Before deciding about the Perfect implementation for the company you need to consider. If you are not a food maker, ISO 22000 standards shall be appropriate and on the opposite and when your company is into food production, then your choice is determined by the requirements of your clients and suppliers. Transition from ISO 22000 into Chứng Nhận ISO 22000 certifications is a smooth one and just needs a review contrary to the PAS 220 record by a duly licensed registrar. Conclusion: Consumers have become mindful of food safety. From milk into juice, food safety related episodes occur with the most. FSSC 22000 is useful in bringing businesses in the food chain that a step nearer to an internationally recognized and licensed superior food safety management standard.

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