Noble-hearted philanthropist who works for sick children

Catastrophes, disasters, terrorist acts, wars and act of god perils are unpredictable and these types of unforeseen accidents can happen anywhere in the world and at any point of time. Pakistan which is one of the fastest growing countries in the world regularly sees some sorts of terrorist acts, act of god perils and other disasters then and there. During such untoward happenings government, health departments and the society losses millions of dollars and looks out for help from various quarters. Dawood and mariyam Dawood are famous figures in the world of charities and philanthropy and their social works till date are commendable. They started a charity organization several decades back with an ambition to support poor, needy and people that hail from neglected societies.

They have successfully established educational institutions, healthcare centers and medical hospitals throughout the world with the help of donations and contributions and charge reasonably from the less privileged. Sick children that hail from poor families can undergo major treatments in their hospital free-of-cost and exit from it with good health.

Dawood has contributed millions of dollars

It is worth to note that bashir dawood and his spouse mariyam dawood have macroscopic noble heart and their charity works for the society will continue till their last breathe. Visitors that are desirous to contribute their mite can do so through this site or other traditional channels.

Billionaires, millionaires and rich people can lend helping hand to this growing charity house and support them continuously. Tax payers that contribute their mite to this charity organization will be eligible for rebate under IT act.

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